Principal's Message

Site Principal: Lisa Wilson

It is our responsibility to ensure “Success for All.” We have high expectations for every
student. We will provide a safe environment so that all children will grow to their full potential educationally,
socially and emotionally. This report will describe the applications of our resources to meet the educational
needs of our students.

Our mission at La Cañada Elementary School is to teach every student who walks through our doors in a manner that will prepare that student to meet the demands and opportunities of the 21st century. Students are taught the necessary skills and mindsets to give back to the very community that gave to them. We pride ourselves on tailoring education to meet the needs of every student, be they English language learners, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, gifted and talented students, or any other student with whom we are fortunate enough to share our time, resources, and compassion. We support students as they work toward mastery of the Common Core State Standards. Doing so allows us to teach them literacy, mathematics, science and history through an integrated approach—one that mirrors life itself. We strive to incorporate technology into as many areas of the day as we can, knowing full well that this is the communication tool of the future. Over the past three years, our Smarter Balanced Assessments have consistently shown growth in both English language arts and mathematics for La Cañada students. This growth provides proof of the effort and dedication of our staff of educators, students, and families that support the learning occurring at La Cañada Elementary School. Extracurricular activities and the arts serve as the glue that holds the bricks of academic content together, cementing those bricks and allowing them to form an educational foundation that will assist our students in weathering the storms of life. It is with pleasure that wecan give these gifts to our students, knowing that they are the future leaders of tomorrow.