About the School

School Mission Statement

La Cañada Elementary School strives to offer a well-balanced education to provide for our diverse students’ intellectual needs, as well as fostering innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. La Cañada also endeavors to provide an environment where students, staff, parents, administrators, and community members feel a sense of belonging, ownership, pride and fulfillment due to being an integral part of the educational organization. 

School Profile

Lompoc is located 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles in Santa Barbara County and has a population of approximately 42,800. The Lompoc Unified School District strives to provide a quality education for all its students with a wide range of programs and a talented staff dedicated to the needs of our students. The district serves approximately 9,600 students in grades TK-12 living in the city of Lompoc; the communities of Vandenberg Village, Mesa Oaks, Mission Hills; Vandenberg Air Force Base; and rural areas adjacent to these communities. La Cañada Elementary School is committed to providing a strong instructional program for all students to ensure excellence in education. La Cañada is in its fourth year as an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) elementary site, with students being serviced by AVID certified instructors in grades K-6. La Cañada became a schoolwide AVID campus in 2019-20 as the kindergarten classes joined the AVID school initiative. The AVID philosophy adheres to the premise that if students are provided with the resources and tools for academic rigor and support, virtually all students can be academically successful and prepared to attain life success at the college and career level. La Cañada was adopted by the Santa Barbara based Audacious Foundation during the 2016-17 school year, which has provided a plethora of enhancements to La Cañada students’ academic experience. Biking instruction, swimming lessons, monthly field trips, Astrocamp experiences, and a new soccer field are only some of the wonderful opportunities afforded to our students by this generous foundation. La Cañada is also fortunate to be the site of a county preschool, Young Learners Preschool, which serves approximately 50 students in two sessions per day.

School Vision Statement

La Cañada Elementary is dedicated to providing an environment in which all students can reach their full academic, social and emotional potential.

Parental Involvement 

Parents and the community are supportive of the educational program at La Cañada Elementary School. Parents are always welcome to back-to-school night, open house, Family Reading Night, Family Math Night, all school assemblies and technology nights. The school also hosts a fall harvest festival, where students and families can participate in games, activities, food, and fun with staff and community members. We are proud of the growth that we have made thus far in increasing safety measures for our students. Traffic congestion has decreased, adult supervision during times of transportation is vigilant, and extra security measures have been employed to provide for the safety of our children. Many local businesses support the various programs and activities at the school. Parents who wish to participate in La Cañada Elementary School leadership teams, school committees, school activities or become volunteers may contact Principal Lisa Wilson at (805) 742-2250. 

School Safety 

The safety of students and staff is a primary concern of La Cañada Elementary School. The school is in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to hazardous materials and state earthquake standards. The school’s disaster preparedness plan includes steps for ensuring student and staff safety during a disaster. We conduct fire and disaster drills on a regular basis. All visitors must check in at the school office and wear a visitor’s badge while on school grounds. During lunch, recesses, and before and after school, teachers and noon-duty aides supervise students and school grounds, including the cafeteria and playgrounds, to ensure a safe and orderly environment. In 1998, the Comprehensive Safety Plan was developed by the district in consultation with local law enforcement in order to comply with Senate Bill 187 of 1997. The plan provides students and staff a means to ensure a safe and orderly learning environment. Components of the Comprehensive Safety Plan include child-abuse reporting procedures, teacher notification of dangerous-pupil procedures, disaster-response procedures, procedures for safe ingress and egress from school, sexual harassment policies, and dress code guidelines. The safety plan was last updated and reviewed with school staff in December 2019. A copy of the plan is available to the public at the school and district offices.